Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Story of Thomas 2

Thomas puts it on

For the last one week Thomas was restless. Blood in veins around his head was surging with anger. Spongy meat of his cock was gorged with the blood of an unknown animal. Blood thinned inside the trunk. So blood polarized in his body and took the shape of a dumbbell. Head at one end and the cock at the other. And on Sunday morning he sprung up from the old mat on the floor on which he was sleeping with unbearable pain in the shape of a dumbbell and ran into the corner where he cooked and took a machete and hacked it on his forehead to let out some mad blood to get some relief and he got it.

Blood rushed merrily out of his head drenched his moustache and masked his grin of relief and ran down his trunk and gathered at his naval. Coils of his pubic hair soaked up the blood and took the happiness off it and let it dribble onto the angry cock and pacified it in rhythmic pulses. Finally the cock rested on the balls. To stop the blood Thomas blind blood in his eyes groped into the corner and got a tin of tea powder, took a handful and pressed it into the cut and stopped the blood flowing.

Relieved of the weeklong ordeal Thomas walked to his junk box to play with the found objects which are his toys. With crazy blood out of his body he felt weightless and drifted in the air. Out of the box he took a blunt nail and drew pictures on the drying blood on his chest and stomach. His eyes fell on a nut and he took it and put it on his middle finger. From the bites he got from the sharp milling inside the nut gave him a strange feeling which pushed him from pleasant relief into the pit of pleasure which gave a new sight to his blood filled eyes. In the red light of pleasure he removed the nut from his middle finger and brought it closer to his face for closer inspection. To his surprise he saw a hexagonal ring of flesh wriggling inside his palm and its hole opening and closing as if in some familiar pain. Holding the nut in his right hand Thomas now fallen into the black redness of insane horniness took his tired cock in his left hand pulled back the black cobra skin and pushed the nut over the purple feeling the silver lightning caused by the sharp tooth and on the midway sprang up like a snake provoked his cock bulged at both sides of the nut like a dumbbell choked and angry and bled.slcw