Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Pune traffic

One good thing about driving in Pune is that you are free to improvise upon the rules of the road. If you think that you are not moving fast enough, take the wrong side.Though there already is a stream of vehicles in the wrong track, you move faster than the morons in the right track. Now by any chance if the wrong track traffic clogs up, you can always crawl back into the right track. In doing so expect some difficulty caused by the righteous morons who were watching your activities for sometime.

Another great thing you can do in Pune is to jump signals. If you happened to be the first one at the signal and also happens to be very upright about traffic rules, you are in for great fun. The wait for the signal to turn green is only a minute but people generally are in a great hurry. You are squinting at the signal for the green arrow. But by the last thirty seconds of that long wait people behind you will be making a lot of fuss and noise. You might turn around to see what the matter is, only to find out that they are actually shouting at you for being the party pooper. The traffic from the other sides have stopped and there is a gap of five odd seconds for your signal to turn green but that five seconds should not be wasted. Young girls and retired senior citizens alike will speak to you in ornate tongues and make sure your adrenaline is gushed and you promptly jump the signal.