Wednesday, November 19, 2003




with eyes closed





Tuesday, November 11, 2003

I am the Captain of my ship

You see
I have my firm hands on the wheel,
to steer this ship
across this vast sand !!!
Oh my god !!! I couldnt believe, I said sand.
What I meant to say was not sand but the..the..sand !!
Aaargh!#@ God.
I mean I will take this fucking ship
Across this cruel s..s..sand.
This vast ......sand
Oh no. not sand...

Oh, my ship.. slcw

New Evenings are here

Evenings of damp reeking soil are gone
evenings that spilled blood are gone
evenings of weightlessness are here
evenings full of aimless birds are here
feel unsafe
inside our two thousand square feet
rajasthan marble and plastic flower homes
Shadows fall from all angles
and mock the rising sun-like dial
of our protractors.
they claw on the bare walls
they stretch face down across the empty floors
shadows whom you can call by name
shadows that stop and look when you call,
but whose stares you cant bare.
I put my head back between the knees
and feel the weightlessness
of a soiled and used bale of cotton. slcw

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

At last, the pursuers and the pursued
got into this green cool shadows
I was just an eye on a tree with no eyelids to close
the pursued trembled and begged, inside
the tightening circle of burning eyes
and let out a sickening cry.
Hammer was the first to break the circle
the skull cracked and the leaves trembled.
then it was the sickle’s turn. it hissed in an arch
the blood shreiked and roused the crows
invisible in the damp shadows
then all of a sudden in a quickening drill
the machete, the club, the bottle
and a farmer's hoe trambled on the fallen,
while the hammer waited.
A bloody pendulam
marking time. till....
I was a naked eye on the tree
with no eyelids to close. slcw