Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Story of Thomas


Everyone seems to know the story of Thomas but each story was different so we listen to them all as mere stories and liked most of them. But every story pointed at one fact that his father was the richest man in that area and was cruel and blood thirsty. He had a huge tamarind tree in his backyard on which thousands of bats as big as dogs lived. No one could tell when they started to live on that tree but Thomas’s father believed that they guarded the wealth of their family, so he in turn started to behave as if he is protecting them, which consisted of talking about it in the town and market and throwing blind threats on any one trying to do any harm to his bat.

Before Thomas he had four offspring of which except the first-born all were female. He was greatly offended at the god and the parish priest for this injustice.. At god for not hearing his prayers and at parish priest for not converting his donations into blessings from the god, which he believed is the sole duty of a priest. So to pay back god and padre he stopped praying and cutoff church donations respectively.

After the great tragedy of receiving three girls in a row, Thomas’s father thought of stopping this business for a male child for good. “Otherwise could end up with more cunts in the house than needed”. Local midwife suggested some thing similar to castration for him and removal of uterus from the stomach for his wife. He liked the latter and proposed it to Thomas’s mother. She snapped at him for the sin of daring to remove the spring of life from her. He explained to her loss his family would incur with more bitches in the house. He elaborated the scenario where his twenty acre single piece at the centre of the growing town would go to bastards who are out there hanging price tags on there pricks when it is time for us to get rid of these female kids of mine eating and growing up like bamboo shoots after a rain and once they are married these bitches would bargain with me for more as if I didn’t gave them enough. Still his wife didn’t agree.

About this much is common in most of the stories, but what happens after this is where almost all the stories differ. Some stories say Thomas’s father in his anger beat up his wife and raped her and that she was mad till Thomas was born. Once Thomas was born she passed the craziness to Thomas and became sane. another version has it that Thomas’s parents didn’t quarrel and tried again for a male child. After copulation Thomas’s mother as always went to the backyard in the dark to piss and was bitten by a bat from the tamarind tree. The poison from the bat seeped into here uterus and it is in this poisonous fluid that the male seed and the female seed united. Thomas was formed in the rabies fluids from a bats bite.slcw