Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Story Irom Sharmila:

"Ten years on, her fast is unparalleled in the history of political protest. If this will not make us pause, nothing will"

World People's Blog entry on Irom Sharmila

Ntish Kumar's new Bihar : Article from Tehelka

Some of these new rules of politics for a new Bihar are:
• There will be nothing communal said or done;
• There will be no family;
• There will be no godfathers;
• There will be no criminals;
• There will be no moneybags; and
• There will be thought and action.

Bureaucrat who went into the naxal heartland and came back unscathed: An article from Tehelka

Kanphade and seven volunteers left for Beenagonda, a village located 100 km away from the last police outpost on the Maharashtra border, forbidden because of the perceived threat of Naxals.
Kanphade emerged from his journey to challenge this very notion. He emerged more critical of the State than the enemy. “The quantum of the Naxal threat and terror has been exaggerated by the police,” he says. “The Naxal bogey is being used to get more funds and higher salaries.”

Friday, October 01, 2010

Two articles about India In The Economist

A bumpier but freer road

India's surprising economic miracle