Saturday, November 06, 2004

me Job

I have dis tendency to go speek pidgin once ina while reminds me of de
times me was in nigeria. eskoos.
so bout me job. I go work in dees place call crest animation studios fo mumbai.
Hea dey mekam animation cinimas fo small pekins of dem white peepul an
make lotto money.dis place is big man. full o computars. work hours comes from
10:30 and we fineesh de work at 6:30.some time we stay dea to midnight an watcham
cinima. all de computers dem have de cinema.good ones an de bad ones. no polising buseeness one go shout at you. i ge lorriful work, you fineesh an givam back
propah. very nice. sometime on evenins an sunday we com wi bellyfull of bee or
rum an try de work or de cinima.some o dem buggas play some killa game with de
network and killam each odar an demselfs shouting benchod an moddarchode.
i no likam de games. it is in de middle of dis raca me do de lighting and de
texture hea is de lighting an texture specilist. plenty o sexy girls too fo
timepass. mosta dem no anithin. dem talk an escape. we buggas do all de jobs. we nevar mind. we neva thro dees chikins out, they are like decinema an de killa games.
mekam de pressure so is me work. an fo godssake neva think me only play an no work, de presha kills man.