Saturday, October 23, 2004

Some times precious things comes to you free, almost free or for ten rupees.
I picked up an old worn out 'The Joy Luck Club' by Amy Tan from a junk shop next to my flat. Actually it was not a second hand bookshop. I was just passing by, my eyes caught sight of a book with the word 'shishi'with a samurai's picture on it. I ve heard Mifune say this word in some Kurosawa film, so I jumped inside and grabbed the book. But it turned out to be some sort of samurai pulp stuff, that too written by a foreigner. Then I noticed another book lying there and asked vendor to pick it up. It was The Joy Luck Club. I hid my excitement because I dont want the vendor to hijack my Joy. Me ask the price he say ten.
I no believe my ears,pay the money fast and ran home, scared that he may change his mind. Been reading it since then, Great book man. I am reading it slow, Like i read de poetry
savouring each word and incidents.