Thursday, July 25, 2002

As i have told you before, i am painting regularly.not the freetime painter anymore.
I have so much demons inside my head that I have to lay to rest on the canvas, but I am afraid I dont have enough time to do that in this small life I got. Funny thing is that One demon exorcised bringsforth a thousand others.

Where ever i look I see greed and untamed desire growing within people's head and splitting their skulls open. Then these demons take the shape of ram horns and starts to grow out of the split skulls. Devils above the clouds filled the sky with there urine and it is saffocating my lungs and stinging my eyes with boiling ammonia. The devils brine is running through everyones blood and is filling their eyeballs and urging them to desire the sight through the misplaced skirt of a five year old child.slcw