Wednesday, August 03, 2005

One day, when I was in class seven our young Maths teacher was talking about logic.
To illustrate his point he said
God is love
Love is blind
God is blind.
Even though I was a hardboiled Catholic at that time, I was impressed by the power of logic to prove god is blind. Later in my late teens I met philosophy and found logic in its finest form there. So, if I go back to the exercise of making the god blind now, I have to face the impossible task of defining god and love. So it is not only logic but but also words and statements with concrete meaning that philosophy wants. Philosophy stays away from ambiguity. It demands clarity and exactness. Over the years philosophy has been considered dry and unpoetic. On the contrary, philosophy is the poetry of unshakable truth, as beautiful and as unbreakable as a Diamond.


Madhu said...

yes unbreakable...but brittle?