Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The pimp pressed a switch on the wall and an irritating ring like that ofa fire alarm is heard. Beyond the violet and dirty chinese silk curtainsome movements could be sensed.The pimp slipped his head into the curtain and said something in marathi,then came back with a reassuring smile.Slowly the girlsstarted to come,one by one,and stood against the wall. The pimp pressed anotherswitch on the wall and a harsh thousand watt bulb came into life, making the girls squint, which made them look vulnerable even in their gaudy makeup.Few of them tried to look attractive, so they smiled with their bright redlips.Rest of them look bored, and they looked elsewhere. The pimp now came to each customer and asked them to point out the ones they want. One of them pointed out a girl, other two mentioned the colour of the cloth the girls of their choice were wearing. Once the selection is over the pimp told the girls to go and follows them behind the curtain. Now the room is empty except for a dirty fish tank in the corner of the room.Inside its green murkiness a large fish could be seen swimming in a circle. Almost like chasing its own tail.Then a beautiful bangled hand comes out of the curtain and switch of the hot bulb.Blue light prevails.