Saturday, May 28, 2005

I believe that my life has reached a point were I have to choose a different path, in order to move forward in life.I am planning to take up a job in kerala, with less salary than what I get now in mumbai. My reason for moving back is that,I dont feel like I belong to mumbai. I am totally outside its culture, which, for me is slow death. I realized that Kerala is were I belong. If there is anything I have to accomblish in this life , it is from Kerala. Only time will show the consequences of this decision.


silverine said...

Welcome to the club. This is how most of us southies feel when we have been away from the 'native' too long. But any city or town in the south will be a good substitute for 'Gerala'.

tenny tomas said...

thinking about consequences??...sri krishna said somethings to arjuna on the fields near kurukshetra. they have written it down in a book. parashu told me that 'the book' made great sense.