Friday, May 06, 2005

A booem that popped up today....

Jailbird's song

Three walls that bleeds
and an iron gate with long shadows
Keeps me here
amoung the rats and urea fumes.
you jingle the keys and say
your freedom is here.

I dont want your fucking freedom
freedom to run along the traffic
freedom to move from cubicle to cubicle
I ve renounced freedom
I would rather sit in this knotted bed
in the unmoving black steam
and perfect myself
my art
sharp my claws and my fangs
brew the black poison of my heart.
Every night before I go to rest
I see what I've made of myself
and say everything is fine.

I 'll be out to desrupt your freedom
derail your candy train dreams
shake your plastic trees.
I'll steal your gold , soil your women
My claws will bruise
the perfumed breasts of your trophies
Run, shit scared morons to your homes
and lock up the cunts you own.

I will kill your cronies and buddies

only the jingling keys around your neck

make you stand naked and alone
in the maddening eddies of my roar.
Then, shred by shred
I'll rip the skin of your goodness
till your black bones of sin are bare
I will expose you to the sun, moon
and the stars
They will cover their face in shame
seeing your real self
the child they raised from dirt.

Then I'll be back to were I belong
to the walls that bleeds from heaven
to the iron's careful shadows.


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