Thursday, November 21, 2002

Today is my birthday. I am thirty-one now.

Where I am now:

◊ Realised what I am supposed to do as a painter.

◊ Accomplished nothing in my art in the market sense of the word.

◊ Accomplished so much in developing my art in the spiritual sense.

◊ Have few people whom I can call my close friends.

◊ On the brink of financial success which is needed for my art to stay free from the pressure of the market.

◊ There are people around me who address me as son, husband, father, friend, lover, enemy, teacher, partner etc….

◊ Realized that existentialism of the west is not what we understood—what we call by that name within us is a different thing and must learn fast to address this. Then great art and philosophy will emerge from Bharatam, instead of the recycled ones we are making now.