Sunday, November 17, 2002

I and Neslie are going to start a small business in Ernakulam. We already leased an office space opposite to SATM at Warrium road.
Actually there are four partners in the business. The other two are my friends. Rajesh and Sunil. You might have seen them at our house at Kaloor. We are planning to start as a training centre and then develope it into a production centre as well. Hope everything will workout well.
why I am posting this in salon?
May be several years from now I may look back at this entry and recollect the mood I am in right now.
Or as I expect, if I hit the jackpot and this thing takes off in a big way I can always comeback here and feel how small I felt then.
I want to make it really big Clement. I know my art will suffer. But honestly this is what i feel.