Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Thank you Sanju

Last three weeks I was with Sanju. We lived in the same Mansion back in Chennai 1999-2000.
Now he is in Thiruvananthapuram, working in a software company at Technopark. He invited me to stay with him till I get a house. Like all transition periods, last one month for me was like hell, closer to lifes realities, which are pure absurdities. My stay with Sanju was a calming experience. We had long talks about books, Stephen Hawkins, Malgudi Days, Johny Depp, Nevernever Land... We watched clippings of comedies in Malayalam films and laughed till we choked. Sanju looks matured and serious, but he still carries a childs qualities.
He made my life comfortable.
He is a very good man. The kind of people who are lesser in number now a days.
Girls if you are looking for a perfect match, I present to you Mr Sanju Nayar.


Anonymous said...

Now it's u who carry a child's qualities. Think before u write.

fobsie said...

danks for the caution

Unknown said...

Now a 'judgemental posting' without a name. that is spineless, cowardly, creepy. Humanity prefers a child's frankness, to a grown up's cowardise.

Fobin please ignore that comment posted by that someone in a moment of weakness. (i would like to assume that the anonymous is a perfectly healthy, capable of facing the world person)

Anonymous said...

Well Tenny, whoever u r, let me appreciate u r partiality towards Fobbin. But even being so, u misspelled his very name. Yes! HIS VERY NAME. It's FOBBIN, not Fobin. Ah, something both of u having in common and it is not cowardise but COWARDICE.

So what do u get? Assuming a name alone sometimes doesn't count.

Unknown said...

oops! sory mistar annonimous. did not meen to hurt you (do you want a hankie). i was just saying how you should neverever take away innocence and frankness from a person for the sake of politikal correctness. the world has its fair share of learned macho men like you. thank you for correcting my spellings. i dont make a living writing so i can afford to mis-spell. even with all the spelling mistake you got the point. do you want to show your face next time :). come on you dont have to be ashamed. its okay. you sound like a nice person.

Anonymous said...

My little woman,
I don't want to argue with you. I just want to convey that genuine criticism should be taken positively.

Unknown said...

not from someone who is afraid/ashamed reveal hi/er identity. :)