Saturday, March 12, 2005

I saw three films recently.
1.Page three
2.Little terrorist
3.Udayananu Tharam

Page three is good.
Little terrorist is a Gem.
Udayananu tharam is sloppy.

The first thing I notice in any film is its casting.
Page three and Little Terrorist Have almost perfect casting.
Udayan is sloppy here too.
There is nothing special from Mohanlal and sreenivasan.
Meena gives an unexpected good performance.
Jagathy as always gives a good performance and as always overdid it at times. This happens with new or inexperienced directors. They dont
know where to put the boundary lines for the actors. They just explain the outline and let the act do the rest. The only actor who restrain himself and still gives the best , is the one and the only Thilakan.

In the last issue of Mathrubhoomi weekly there was an interview of Thilakan. Its seems he dont have any film after his trouble with
Actors organisation called Amma. There is a large lobby within the film field playing foul against him. This is pretty sad. We have with us one of the best actors in the world and we are playind dirty politics and deny films to him.