Sunday, June 27, 2004

I am in Mumbai now.
Strolled around Central Railway station.
The victorian architecture is awesome.
I was with my friend Rajesh.
we went closer to study the cornices and the curvings.
then rajesh exclaimed " fucking bloody Indians".
I was surprised because he never sweared. not the least in English.
to my questioning gaze he pointed his finger towards the walls and floors of the building.
Gaaaad!!! the place was... O K I will give you this picture.
Imagine Jackson Pollock working with cowshit, concentrated piss, while havind a bad case of diahhrea, raptured Haemeroids and his mouth full of pan. I am sorry i am terribly at loss with words in explaining what I saw.
On the way back, I bought a copy of sunday Express. I got a tiny but smart kick on my balls when I read that they are planning to name this work of art as a world heritage site.
Good, my only request to the railway is that,they should provide soap, napkin and a bottle of antiseptic to the daredevils who come there to share the heritage.