Friday, April 26, 2002

hello!! clement are you there? don’t tell me it's one of those blackmoodseason.

you know, i think moods are purely biological in nature. body kind of punishing the mind for being edgy; consequently contaminating other bodies around, who in turn will punish their minds. sort of negative feedback reaction.

whatever the reason for your silence, get over it quickly.

today i read some selections from ee cummings' poetry. definitely offbeat. i enjoyed them. definitely not for the ones who believe that if you don’t get sense out of a poem at the first reading, you will never get it. he demands repeated reading. he demands serious reading. the way poetry should be read.

for the time being be content with my so called boo..etry.

murder inside a circle

it was the hammer who broke the circle
and stepped in
after smashing the skull, the hammer
hung by the side.
then the others
stepped in and did what they should
while hammer waited
a bloody pendulum
marking time.slcw