Sunday, January 21, 2007


Went to Velankanni for two days. Though, I have no god to prey on, I look forward to the yearly pilgrimage with the family. Mainly for the trip across Tamil nadu, which I love. Huge expanses of land tilled and watered by hardworking people. The beauty of pure bred Dravidans.
I ve given a link to velankanni church's official site on the title, for those who are interested. U can hear Beatles, chanting halleluya !!!! More pics will be posted in my Photodome (click on Wolf's Eye under links).

Oh, I almost forgot, Clement tried some freak bike trick on an empty NH47. Luckily, He and His bike incurred no major harm. Both of them lost lot of paint. But as always Clement went to work the next day. Bravo Clement! Get well soon. Watch your speed. ;)


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